It is hard to say which alcoholic drink is favorite in Serbia. If we rank all the drinks by popularity it would probably be a tie between beer and rakija. Each of them has its own “public”, however often they have common fans.

We drink beer more often than water and as frequent as coffee, which means that it is inseparable part of our everyday routine. Serbs drink it alone and in company, in the wintertime or during summer, during the day or night, when they celebrate or mourn – that much is beer present in our life.

Unlike some other countries we do not have long history of beer brewing, but that fact didn’t stop local producers such as Djordje Vajfert and Ignjat Bajloni who opened first breweries in Belgrade and other breweries including the oldest Apatinska pivara and many others to create original beers with authentic flavor, color and level of alcohol.

Although the quality and the taste of our beers can not compare to the world’s greatest brewers and their-rich-with-additives -beers, we suggest you to taste our local beers, if for nothing else, than at least as part of the tour through local culinary culture.

Unlike large breweries and their recognizable beer brands that are present everywhere, from restaurants to stores and can be served at home, small independent breweries still don’t have that kind of privilege. However, those having the opportunity of tasting the beers produced in small breweries can consider themselves privileged since they can enjoy in something, which is not at everybody’s disposal.

Small breweries have brought to our market something what we’ve desperately needed – diversity of tastes and richness in flavors. Each brewery is special because of the selection of products, technology and choice of tastes.

The oldest small brewery is  Krugher &,Brent also known as the first privately owned brewery in the former Yugoslavia. For the production of beer, the brewery uses yeast and hops from Germany without additives and artificial additions.

The most popular independent brewery, the favorite among the local beer lovers is Kabinet Brewery. Rich selection of beers, 14 of them and combination of flavors made Kabinet the most wanted at our local market. For beer production Kabinet uses the Belgian malts, the French yeast and hops from all over the world.
Kabinet crew has decided to share the knowledge and love towards the beer with other beer lovers and opened a store “Majstor za pivo” (Beermaster) where people can buy equipment and products needed for the homemade beer. Here you can find out everything about beer production, from proper selection of products and equipment to the process of production.

Another independent brewery worth mentioning is The Black Turtle, which became known among beer lovers in 2000 when it presented its beers with fruit flavors. The beer offer includes standard beers and seasonal beers, available only in a certain period of a year. All beers are made from local and imported malts, a specific type of Styrian Goldings hops and a special beer yeast produced in The Black Turtle Brewer.

If you want to taste some of the mentioned beers, it is important to know where to find them. Beers of the Kabinet and Krugher&Brent breweries can be found in selected places including the MIners Pub, while the Black Turtle beer can be tasted in their pubs, of which is the best known  pub in Kosancicev Venac.