Rtanj is a cone shape 1570 m tall, mystical mountain in Eastern Serbia. Allegedly, compass is useless in the region due to magnetic deviations. Legend has it, that Roman solders used to come to Rtanj after battle to heal their wounds faster. Locals say that a cloud can always be seen above the summit in the shape of aural and that hidden treasure under the mountain still awaits to be discovered.

Northern slopes rise steeply in the shape of almost vertical cliffs while southern side is much more tamed and richer in terms of flora and fauna. Owing to milder climate, the southern slopes are covered in meadows, and growing on them are blackberries, mountain mint and an endemic species of carnation. However, by far best known plant is the so-called Rtanj tea. According to oral history, it was grown centuries ago by Turks in their harems, after the liberation from their rule in the 19th century; the herb was brought to Rtanj and planted on the altitude of 1,000 meters, as it only grows there.

Rtanj Mountain has enjoyed status of protected natural area since 1950s and low level of commercialization did not spoil original appearance that guaranties unique experience.