Smoked Ham Festival, Mackat

Smoked Ham Festival, Mackat

One of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, Zlatibor hosts interesting gastronomic festival every winter in February. Village of Mackat on the slopes of Zlatibor massive is considered smoked ham capital of Serbia as it draws thousands of visitors to event dedicated entirely to smoked meet. Specific climate and healthy environment guarantee good quality products and unique gastronomic experience. 

Day 1 (11.2.2017.)

Morning departure from Belgrade is followed by break in Ovcar banja that can also be used for individual visit to nearby Blagovesetnje monastery where Western Morava River spectacularly meanders, squeezed between 700 m high cliffs of Ovcar and Kablar mountains. While running away from violent Turks, Orthodox priests found shelter in this remote region which turned out to be perfect for monastic life in 10 monasteries that give this gorge a holly character resembling Mount Athos.

According to same principles Nikola Tesla used on Niagara Falls only 4 years before, not only Serbia but the Balkans as well, got its first electric power plant in 1900 on the Djetinja River that flows through Western Serbia capital, Uzice. Actual building doesn’t serve its original purpose but it still commemorates Serbian electric power pioneers that looked up to great Tesla. One hour break is planned for this stop.

Arrival in Mackat village where free time will be given for shopping smoked ham and other authentic products. Later on, visit to Zlatibor is planned where one can enjoy fairytale like scenery around normally frozen lake at this time of year over a glass of hot wine and pancakes.

On the way back, dinner break is planned in ethno village Terzica Avlija, known for its pottery workshop. Arrival in Belgrade is planned for late evening hours


19 EUR – minimum: 40 PAX

29 EUR – minimum: 15 PAX

Services Included in price:  bus transfer, guide escort, visit to Mackat, Zlatibor, Djetinja power plant museum.

Optional Services Not included in price: Lunch/ dinner, tickets

As a preliminary offer, this program can be altered according to group’s suggestions if possible and due to unpredictable circumstances of any kind.