Uvac Gorge and Western Serbia

Uvac Gorge and Western Serbia

Carefully chosen combination of unspoiled natural and handmade attractions, combined in one trip make this excursion one of the most popular excursion in Serbia. Zlatibor Mountain together with Drina River Valley and Uvac Gorge are arguably among the best preserved natural habitats in Europe while Mileseva Monastery features some of the highest achievements of Serbian Medieval Art.   

Day 1

Early morning departure from Belgrade and arrival in Mokra Gora just in time to optionally embark historic railway famous Cira train optionally. Railway twists and turns making number eight, hence the name Sargan Eight. This site was used by Emir Kusturica to film his “Life is Miracle” movie in 2004. Coffee break in ethno village Drvengrad and optional departure towards Visegrad, Bosnia & Hercegovina. Stroll across 16th century Bridge that inspired Ivo Andric to write the Nobel Prize winning novel “The Bridge on the River Drina” and lunch break in Andricgrad, another Kusturica’s project dedicated entirely to famous writer. Short drive to Zlatibor Mountain Resort, check in procedure and overnight. 

Day 2

Breakfast and departure towards Mileseva Monastery, one of the most important Serbian medieval monasteries. It features arguably the most beautiful fresco-painting of Serbian Medieval art, “The White Angel”. Uvac gorge is scheduled wright afterwards. Beautiful meanders of Uvac River are home to endangered vulture eagles that complete Amazon like picture while flying wright bellow you. Optional boat ride through the meanders and visit to the largest cave system in Serbia. Possible lunch break in ranger’s camp and optional jeep safari to picturesque panoramic sight that provides one of the most beautiful views in Serbia. Departure towards Belgrade and late evening arrival.


49 EUR per person

(Program is based on minimum 40 passangers)

Services Included in price:  bus transfer, guide escort,  bed and breakfast in 2 or 3 star hotel on Zlatibor Mountain region.

Optional Services Not included in price: Cira train ride, Visegrad, Uvac River boat ride and jeep safari (prices for new season are due to be published), admission fee for Drvengrad and Andricgrad and other personal extra costs.

As a preliminary offer, this program can be altered according to group’s suggestions if possible and due to unpredictable circumstances of any kind.