Pack your backpack, climb the hill, unpack it, run and take a leap into the gorge! OK, OK, don’t worry, this is not a suicide manual. This is just the beginning of the story about man’s eternal desire to fly (and, above all, to survive), the story about how intoxicating paragliding can be and why you will fall in love with it at first jump.

Let’s go back to the hill from the beginning of the story – you’re jumping, oblong-ellipsoid wing is spreading, you’re sitting in your seat and fling the Serbian skies…

On the left, pastures and woods, on the right, a river in the distance. Light breeze, you’re gliding the sky, and the sun, just right – it makes water beneath your feet shimmer and treetops seam greener, and yet it’s not burning your skin…

Your thoughts are elsewhere, you’re falling slowly and it’s barely noticeable. You can see everything clearly but you only notice colors. You should at least hear the wind whistling, but it’s like you’re sailing the seas of silence.

In the late summer, perhaps, some birds will join you so keep flying with them. You could even try to great them or jell at them. You, alone in the sky, who will hear you?

In Serbia it is possible in several places – Vršačka kula, which can be reached from the city of Vršac; Crni vrh, 15 kilometers from Bor; Glišovska livada, 22 kilometers from Kraljevo; in Niška Banja (eng. the Spa of Niš), Vinča,Kopaonik, Rajac, Sićevo, Rudnik, Rtanj, Ovčar.
What is important for paragliding is the fact that there is no jumping from the plane.

All the necessary equipment can be packed easily in a backpack, up to 15 kilos of weight, and the only thing you need is some way of transportation to the hill.

Once you find a suitable location, you need less than ten minutes to prepare. A short run down the hill and favorable wind currents and you’re up in the air in a matter of seconds.

So, you don’t need airports, fancy airplanes or anything similar – simply, there is no easier way to fly than paragliding.

PAY ATTENTION: Flying without proper theoretical preparations and practical lessons, guided by an instructor, can be a potential disaster. Due to slow speed of flying, any swift wind change and turbulence can jeopardize your security. That is why long and systematic training is the only safe way to enjoy paragliding and experience an unforgettable experience.

Some of the most prestigious paragliding competitions were organized in Serbia – Paragliding World Cup in Višegrad,above the town of Sićevo (PWC Sićevo 2005), Third World Cup in the precise landing on Koritnjak, then the World Cup in precise landing in Vršac…

It is particularly significant that the First European Championship in Paragliding and precise landing took place right here in Serbia, in Niška banja. On that occasion, the Serbian national paragliding team became the team champion of Europe!