Lukovska Banja Spa

Lukovska Banja Spa

Lukovska Banja Spa is located in the south of Serbia, on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik Mountain. Even though it is located at an altitude of 681 m above sea level, making it the highest spa in Serbia, it is surrounded by peaks exceeding 1000 meters, and thus it enjoys a pleasant, mild climate.

Lukovska Banja spa has a wealth of mineral water springs, the intact nature of the forested Kopaonik Mountain and crystal clear air. It is among the richest in the country regarding the number of mineral water springs of varied composition and temperatures, as well as their combined production (over 100 l/s).

Chronic inflammation – rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis without clinical signs of acute inflammation) degenerative spinal diseases (osteoarthritis, spondylosis and deformative spondylarthritis, lumboischialgia and periarthritis) post-injury conditions are treated in Lukovska Banja spa.

You can choose to stay in one of the two hotels in the Spa: “Kopaonik” (built in 2000) and “Jelak” (built in 2009), both bringing together accommodation in pleasant rooms, modern medical treatments, thermal water pools and much more in their offer. You can spend your vacation being active, walking the maintained paths through beautiful nature, taking part in sports activities practiced both on indoor and outdoor courts…

Of special interest is the tour of a factory which makes hand knotted and hand tufted rugs and folk handicraft items made of local wool and bearing motifs of the Kopaonik area. Guests can also visit Kuršumlija and the Saint Nicholas and Holy Mother of God monasteries , as well as the unique natural phenomenon – Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town).

Places in Lukovska Banja Spa