Drina River

Drina River

Drina River is one of the most beautiful rivers not only in Serbia but in the region also. It flows under Drina name from Scepan Polje, Montenegro, where Tara and Piva rivers merge. Drina discharges itself into Sava River where it ends near town of Sremska Raca, covering 346 km.

Large water potential of Drina River was harnessed when three hydroelectric power stations: Visegrad, Bajina Basta and Zvornik have been built, thus creating artificial lakes that made once wild river as tame as possible.

Famous Drina Bridge in town of Visegrad has been connecting Serbia and Bosnia since 1571 when Sokollu Mehmed Pasha had it built according to Kocha Mimara Sinan’s project. As a symbol, it has served as inspiration for centuries. Ivo Andric wrote The “Bridge on the River Drina” chronical novel that won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1961 describing complicated interreligious relationships in the region.

Drina River curves are immortalized in folk saying “Straightening the crooked Drina” that still refers to any sort of impossible undertaking.

During summer months, mass rafting events are organized annually, such as, Drina Regatta and the Spust Niz Drinu (‘Drina Descend’), in which all kinds of boats participate.