European Indoor Championships in Athletics

European Indoor Championships in Athletics


The 34th European Indoor Championships in Athletics will take place in Belgrade from March 3rd until March 5th, for the first time in Serbia.  The Championships will be held in Kombank Arena, designated for the Mundobasket in 1994, unfortunately held in Canada due to volatile political situation in the region throughout 1990’s. Arena’s maximum capacity of almost 20.000 seats, (10 000 when athletic track is installed) will provide perfect conditions for both athletes and spectators. 

International but also domestic stars such as: Ivana Spanovic, Asmir Kolasinac, Emir Bekric and many others will compete for the European throne.  An ideal winter weekend break, to include 3 action packed days of high quality athletics at the Kombank Arena with time to enjoy changing and developing city, that has managed to preserve its rich and diverse tradition, combined with unique mixture of culture, architecture and urban vibe.

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