Kustendorf Film Festival

Kustendorf Film Festival

Starting from today January, 14th 2017, Drvengrad on Mokra Gora Mountain will host Kustendorf Film Festival dedicated to young film enthusiasts and film legends for 10th time in a row. Amongst other credited for festival organization headed by Emir Kusturica himself, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia will also contribute in organizing this complex cultural event.

22 films from: Bulgaria, Denmark, Israel, Iran, Lebanon, Hungary, Nepal, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and other countries will take part in competition program. Contemporary Trends category features various films that have already won awards on international film festivals, while The New Authors category will be dedicated to new hopes of international film. Finally, Retrospective of Greatness category concentrates around Lav Diaz and Gordan Mihic this year. 

After film projections and workshops organized during day, Kustendorf Music Festival will entertain Kustendorf participants during night.

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