Pokajnica Church

Pokajnica Church

As Karadjordje led, First Serbian Uprising finally failed in 1813 because Serbia’s ally Russia was engaged in war with Napoleon, Karadjordje left for Sankt Petersburg hoping to persuade Tsar to support him and his dissolved army. Karadjordje’s efforts were almost ignored in Russia, while one of his commanders, Milos Obrenovic started another uprising in Serbia in 1815.

Karadjordje returned to Serbia with intention of taking part in fighting against Turks, but Milos thought differently. Karadjordje was finally assassinated in Radovanjski Lug near Velika Plana. His relative, Vujica Vulicevic was part of the plot and because of guilty conscience he eventually tried to repent by building this simple but beautiful wooden church dedicated to St. Nicolas. For that reason, the people have named the church Pokajnica (serb. pokajati se – to repent).

The church is circular in base, with a porch added on in 1880, and covered by reeds. The foundation is of crushed rocks, while the walls are made out of oak beams. The original iconostasis has been preserved, made by artist Konstantin in 1818. The floor is tiled with bricks. There are nice bell tower and an ethno museum in the churchyard.

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