Pupin Exibition in Historical Museum Belgrade

Available until June

Interactive exibition dedicated to Mihajlo Pupin’s work in Historical Museum in Belgrade has been on display since the end of last year. Due to large interest shown in it, exhibition is going to be extended until June.

Mihajlo Pupin was born in the village of Idvor, Banat region, Vojvodina province. Since his early childhood he was fascinated with natural phenomena such as light, sound etc. His academic potential was recognized and he was sent to Prague for further studies. Eventually, Mihajlo Pupin found himself in The United States of America where he continued his education more successfully than in Europe. Later on, he became physics professor on Columbia University, New York.

Mihajlo Puppin’s greatest achievement in terms of applied science is Pupin’s coil that enabled telegraph and telephone signal transfer over great distances. Last but not least, he won The Pulitzer prize for his autobiography called “From immigrant to Inventor”.

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